How is a startup realty firm achieving 47 crores sales a month?...

How is a startup realty firm achieving 47 crores sales a month? Growing story of a growing startup.


VMansions India Pvt. Ltd. aims to revolutionise the Real Estate market.
Mr. Vijay Mirani (CMO) is the brainchild behind this successful venture along with Mr. Anand Gupta(COO). Their extensive knowledge, experience and professionalism has enabled them to achieve such impressive sales targets.

VMansions are one of the well-renowned names as a real estate consultancy. Gone are the days when trust was a factor in the trading of Real Estate Industry. VMansions has contributed extensively in selling the dream home to their customers as per their requirements at the best location, best connectivity, best amenities at their affordable Price.
They bridge the gap between customers and Developers. They have a great fifteen years of experience in understanding and satisfying the customers Real Estate needs. VMansions is a team of 50 extremely talented professionals.

VMansions have collaborations with the Developers and offer the customers a package according to their requirement and budget. They are entrusted in selling inventory worth $103 million. VMansions has achieved an excellent sales record of 5,46,000 sqft. so far. VMansions has seen an exponential growth since the beginning.

About Founders

Vijay Mirani & Anand Gupta are the two Pillars who are striving to give the best to their business as well as their clients. They are from different study streams but their focus is the same that is to serve their customers in the best possible way. VMansions team is guided by the vision and mission of both its founders.

Vijay Mirani
CMO (Chief mentoring officer)
Anand Gupta
COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Vision & Mission of VMansions

VMansions vision is to become the market leader in the real estate consultancy business. VMansions not only sells the property to their clients but also provides value to their money and makes sure the maximum ROI is achieved on their investment according to their budget. The customer’s satisfaction is the topmost priority for VMansions.

Client overview

The customers are very happy with the service provided by VMansions. They appreciate the work and excellent advice provided to them. The customers feel delighted and attached to the VMansions team as they personally take care of every small aspect related to the sale. The customers trust VMansions for taking care of all their realty needs.


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