Baymediasoft Explains 8 Effective Ways to Boost Brand Awareness

Baymediasoft Explains 8 Effective Ways to Boost Brand Awareness


Whether you’re a business person or online marketer looking to promote your business on the web, you want your brand to stand out from the competitors. The primary goal is to position your brand and make your target audience think of you when they are ready to purchase. Most individuals follow the old marketing tactics and fail to achieve the desired success. In this constantly-evolving digital market, you really need to come up with some innovative marketing strategies that can take your brand to the next level. The Baymediasoft Technologies who have vast experience in building the prominent websites and mobile apps has recently embarked on delivering the best brand development & digital marketing services in India.

The marketing team at Baymediasoft reveals that nearly 30% of traffic to registration pages, contact us pages, and ticketing comes from social media. With the right combination of social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing, it’s easy to double your traffic and boost brand awareness.

In this post, you will find some of the most powerful online marketing tips recommended by the team of digital marketers work at Baymediasoft:

Referral Programs

The audience will happily explore your product or service when they know they would get an additional perk. Dropbox is a perfect example of how unique referral programs can make any product highly successful. Dropbox provides their users 500 MB (up to 16 GB) of added storage space for every individual they refer. When Dropbox was a new player in the market, this referral program generated tons of word-of-mouth that ultimately results in a large number of new sign-ups. You can put together some smart referral programs that will definitely give your brand a new hike.

High-Quality Guest Content

Another practical way to get your brand recognized on the Internet is to publish ultra-valuable, professionally-written content on different high-authority websites. Guest posting is still a powerful way to get your brand known in the target industry. Though run-of-the-mill articles won’t work today – you need to deliver high-quality content. Share fruitful stuff and you will undoubtedly make a lasting impression on your users.

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Infographics give you a unique and colorful way to showcase genuine statistics and interesting marketing data with ease. Such appealing images often shared by users, making them an ideal tool for brand building and digital marketing. You can ask your designer to convert your blogs into amazing infographics and share them on different platforms.

Local Partnerships

Another result-driven brand building tact is to get involved with local partnerships and connected with local businesses. This has proven to be a fruitful marketing strategy for the local-oriented companies, but can be successfully applied to other large-sized businesses as well. You may also join intro seminars or festivals, donate to charity events, and sponsor local sports teams. Getting your product/service promoted around events & festivals will do great things for your brand.

Social Focus

With the number of social media platforms consistently growing, trying to do effective marketing on all of them is a challenging task. However, you need to choose the social networks very carefully. You are not supposed to promote your brand on every single platform. Instead, you should pick the ones best suited to your product/service. For instance, photo-heavy businesses should focus on Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook. B2B companies generally perform better on Twitter. Moreover, creative industries also do great on Instagram.

Social Media Contests

Social media contests work amazingly in branding. You can run a Facebook contest in which users submit their pictures or videos while other users will vote for them. Additionally, users will share the link with their friends to get votes, helping you build the brand awareness. Find out your target audiences and the social media platforms they use a lot. If you are not sure about your potential audience, check your analytics to figure out where your referral traffic is coming from.

LinkedIn Publishing

Being a marketer, you must know the value of guest posting but there is also another platform to get promoted and spread your brand over the Internet. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms that give you an opportunity to connect with influencers, users, and top guns. You can publish a post on LinkedIn and get the attention of many active users.If your posts get adequate attention, it may be shown in the LinkedIn home stream for several users.You can also set up a company blog post on LinkedIn and share & promote your posts to get more views.

PPC Advertising

With SEO & SMM becoming more competitive every day, PPC is still a quick and powerful solution for getting your products/services appeared on Google. With targeted keyword research and smart bidding, you will be showing up at the top of Google for specific searches. Appearing your name at the top of the major search results will make a good impression and is ideal for building brand awareness.

With these powerful marketing tips, you’ll be able to make your brand standout from the crowd.

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Gaurav Mali works as a chief content officer at Baymediasoft. Passionate about the technical writing; he has been involved in the cutting edge landscape of Search Engine Optimization and web development for more than three years.


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