What Do You Need to Know about Budget Truck Rental?

What Do You Need to Know about Budget Truck Rental?


If you are considering renting a moving truck or van for your upcoming move, there is no shortage of options available.

From Budget to Penske to U-haul, the variety of choice can only be a good thing for customers as a competitive space essentially means the service you get is ace and the costs won’t leave your wallet wincing. That much, anyway.

As one of the biggest names in the moving truck and van rental space, Budget Truck Rental is a reliable brand so it’s hard to go wrong with them – provided, of course, you keep some important things in mind.

That’s because while renting a moving truck may be a cheaper alternative to, say, hiring a professional mover, the costs can quickly spiral out of control if you’re not careful. That’s not what you want as it beats the whole purpose of taking this approach.

Hiring a professional mover truck is all about keeping your moving costs down you see. However, keep in mind that this is not for everyone as you will be doing all the heavy lifting yourself. A moving company may be costlier, but consider your situation and ask yourself if it is an added cost worth paying.

For some people, it very much is. But others like it a little more hands-on and prefer going the DIY route.

If you belong in the latter category, we’ve put together a quick guide on the specifics you need to be privy to when considering renting from Budget Truck Rental.

How much does it cost to rent a Budget moving truck?

Budget is one of the most cost-effective options when it comes to renting a moving truck (or van), an aspect that has endeared them to many.

What might catch your eye when comparing Budget to other truck rental companies is their attractive base rates which can be as low as $60.

However, it is important to note that the final price you’ll end up paying will most likely be a bit higher depending on the distance you intend to cover, the size of the truck you need, and gas.

Some of the variables you should consider when it comes to Budget prices include:

  • Deposit ($150 minimum for local moves). Refundable, provided you bring the truck back clean, with gas not less than was available when renting, and you don’t exceed allotted time
  • Gas costs
  • Mileage ($0.25/mile when you reach your mileage limit)
  • Daily charge for the truck
  • Taxes and fees
  • Add-ons – for example, towing equipment, dolly rental, or packing supplies
  • Liability coverage (optional)
  • Timeline – weekends are the most expensive. Renting between Monday and Thursday is cheaper
  • Others – could include moving labor (if you need some muscle) and late fees if you fail to return your truck on time

Understanding the Budget Truck Rental quote

If you are moving locally, there are two types of prices you’ll encounter on your rental quote:

  • Daily base rate
  • Rate per mile – charged for every mile you cover starting from the time of truck pick-up to drop-off

In the case of long-distance moves, the company will give you an all-inclusive price with unlimited miles. You will have the truck for an agreed number of days, but should you need additional days to complete your move, there is an extra charge to contend with.

What truck size options does Budget Truck Rental provide?

Budget Truck Rentals offers you three options when it comes to their trucks:

  • 12-foot truck – permitted maximum item weight is 3,610 lbs.
  • 16-foot truck – permitted maximum item weight is 4,460 lbs.
  •  26-foot truck – permitted maximum item weight is 10,000 lbs.

*The size denotes the interior length of the truck.

Does Budget Truck Rental offer anything else with the truck?

Yes. Should you need them, there are additional moving accessories to help with your move, although these come at an extra.

They include:

Furniture pads and moving pads – Unless you have your own, furniture and moving pads are something you’ll need to protect your belongings which you don’t want moving around too much in the truck during transit.

These are normally quilted pads that measure 3 x 5 feet and are rented as a pack of 12.

Hand truck rental – If you want to move some of your heavier appliances with ease, a hand truck is a good add-on to include in your rental. They are also great for moving boxes together. You can stack 6-7 boxes easily, using the straps that come with the cart to hold down the boxes.

PlatePass – If you will be passing through any electronic toll roads or bridges, a PlatePass might be a good idea. This is a payment system that automatically charges you when you pass through a cashless toll lane. But if you can avoid toll roads, the better as it will be cheaper for you.

Tow dollies and car trailers – If you want to tow your car behind the moving truck, consider throwing a car trailer in your package.

And that’s basically the lowdown when using Budget Truck Rental for your move!


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