Com.facebook.katana – What is katana and How to fix Facebook Katana?

Com.facebook.katana – What is katana and How to fix Facebook Katana?

Facebook Katana
Facebook Katana

Do you also face the situation where you have no idea about what a particular application is doing on your phone? Sometimes all such strange incidents makes us pretty cautious about our privacy. With such digital innovations day by day, data leak has become quite popular these days. One such application is com.facebook.katana.

Let’s start by describing about Facebook katana! Read this article to know more.

What is Facebook Katana?

Here “Katana” is the Facebook Smartphone application’s structure nickname. It is the Facebook name given to office app that runs on iOS or Android device. Facebook Katana is important for the smooth functioning of the Facebook Application. It is not the only application which has such kind of name but other application too have similar codenames. If you want to remove com.facebook.katana, then you have to uninstall the Facebook application. For people who have Facebook as an in-built feature can only disable com.facebook.katana and thus cannot completely erase it from the device.

Is Facebook Katana Dangerous for your device?

com.Facebook.Katana is not a harmful application. For example it is the same like com.facebook.orca which comes with Facebook Messenger. If you receive some pop-up alerts too then they can be easily resolved. Not satisfied yet? Let’s discuss about some basic aspects of this application.

Is Facebook Katana A Virus?

Well the answer to this question is a big “No”. You will hear people calling it a virus or some serious hacking trick but it is not the same thing. Facebook Katana is not responsible for any kind of hacking issues. A box is automatically generated by the Facebook application. Katana folder is connected to the Facebook app which is only accessible by the computers running Facebook messenger app. 

How to remove Facebook Katana

Here are some fixes to solve com.facebook.katana Error –

Method 1: Clear Cache and Data for com.facebook.katana (For Android Device) –

1) Open Settings.
2) Open the Facebook Application.
3) Find Storage, Click on Clear Cache and Data option.
4) Login to the program again.

Method 2: Clear Browsing History –

1) Open Facebook Browsing app.
2) Open Settings – Select Account/ Privacy & Security
3) Choose Clear Browsing Data
4) Check all the Browsing History and delete all the data.

Method 3: Uninstall Updates

1) Go to setting – App – Facebook.
2) Click on Uninstall Update option by clicking on the three dots on the right corner.

Method 4: Uninstall Facebook Application –

Go to Settings >Apps >Facebook >Uninstall

Method 5: Force Stop Facebook –

Go to Settings > Apps > Facebook > Force Stop

Now the Question raises that whether to keep Facebook Katana or Remove It?

Well the answer to this question is very simple! You can find many filters com.facebook.orca and com.facebook.home along with com.facebook.katana, no need to panic about such folders as they are building blocks of the main application. So, in my opinion there is no need to remove it but as said previously you can disable it if you want to do so! But the decision is yours because it is neither a malware nor a virus. There are many other applications too which are hidden from the user but if it’s visible then it doesn’t mean that you are suppose to delete it. Facebook Katana is completely safe.


I hope that all your doubts are clear after reading this article. com.Facebook.Katana sounds a bit tricky due to its name but it’s just a harmful application without any background harm to the device. So what are you waiting for? Have a nice surfing on the Facebook application!

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