Women can do anything – Asia’s 3 Powerful Women 2016

Women can do anything – Asia’s 3 Powerful Women 2016


The time was when we only used to read the stories of the successful businessmen and male entrepreneurs. But, gone are the days! 2016 is going on and now we can see several Businesswomen proved themselves in this “So-called World of Man”. This a fact that Women can do anything even in broken heels but their work is not valued as much as men’s. Besides, they have to sacrifice a lot for their husband, kids, and career. However, some women have overcome the differences between the male and female and proved themselves as the successful business person.

This post uncovers a list of top 3 Power women who are making in the business world:

Nita Ambani

(Director/Chairman of Reliance Industries/Reliance Foundation)

In a country where wives always exist in the shadow of their billionaire husbands, Nita Ambani is rising in the Reliance Empire and establishing herself as a Power Businesswomen ranking in 2016. With $57 billion in revenues, Reliance is among India’s most valuable corporations. 52 years old, Nita holds a desk in an open office that also involves Reliance’s sports business.

Cao Thi Ngoc Dung

(Chairman & CEO of Phu Nhuan Jewelry)

Cao started one store of “Phu Nhuan Jewelry” and today it has emerged as the largest jewelry brand in Vietnam. Founded in 1998, today Phu Nhuan Jewelry announced the return of $350 million and earnings of $23 million. With over 3,000 employees and 200 stores, Cao is having 17% of PNJ.

Somruedee Chaimongkol

(CEO of Banpu)

Ms. Somruedee has been the Chief Executive Officer of Banpu since April 10, 2015. Since January 1, 2006, she had been serving as the Chief Financial Officer of Banpu (one of Southeast Asia’s biggest energy companies). A scarcity in the self-named male energy industry, Somruedee has given her entire career to Banpu.In the collaboration of Somruedee, Banpu gained enormous stakes in power generation.

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