Write for us

Write for us

So, what is Estartupstory all about?
Estartupstory is a platform dedicated entirely to the Entrepreneurs and Business minded people with successful startup stories and inspiring ideas. We publish and curate content that falls into the cup of startup ecosystem– which means news from startups, how-to guides, exciting motivational stories, interviews with people doing exceptional things in their professions, and a whole lot of work stuff that is valuable, informational or entirely enjoyable.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you accept guest posts?
Yes, we do! However, we are looking for unique, well-researched content that fits into our niche.

What kind of content are you looking?
If it belongs in the overall tone of “startups, funding, corporate culture, companies journey, or inspiring and motivational idea’s”, it’s good for us.

Will you charge money for posting stories or news?
No, we never charge any amount for posting stories and news articles.

Would you give me topics to write?
No. You are free to write on anything you believe will make for a good and engaging story, as long it’s in the categories specified above.

Does the content have to be unique and original?
Definitely. We are looking for startup stories, encouraging ideas and articles that haven’t published before.

Is there a word limit?
No. You’re free to be as concise or as elaborate as you’d prefer, as long as the piece states well, is comprehensive and yet not repetitive. Just make sure the content is free of grammatical glitches, typos, external references if any, are duly credited, and sufficient visual media support the article.

Do you pay or rewards for the contributions?
No. All contributions are gratis and work on the website linking model and credit attribution. Please write to us at info@estartupstory.com or Read our guidelines here

Is there a deadline to write?
No. You can turn in an article as per your ease and when you have enough material for one.